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If you’re from Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, or Kansas or from the Mid-Western States and you have pilonidal disease (often called a pilonidal cyst, but incorrectly so); you want to find the best possible surgical solution for your pilonidal issue.  The cleft lift procedure is the best choice for those patients who require surgery.  While many doctors refer to surgery for this condition pilonidal cyst surgery, calling pilonidal disease a pilonidal cyst disease is incorrect.  There is no cyst (an epithelial lined sac).  Pilonidal disease is simply an infection (abscess) under the surface of the skin by one’s tailbone.

The cleft lift procedure is a state of the art flap procedure for pilonidal disease requiring surgery.  Dr. Sternberg of The Sternberg Clinic is the only surgeon in this group of states, and one of the few surgeons in the United States, to regularly perform this life changing operation.  It cures most instances of pilonidal disease (pilonidal cysts).   In Dr. Sternberg’s last 800 cases there have been only 4 recurrent problems requiring repeat operations.  That’s fewer than a 1% recurrence rate.  No one else performing pilonidal surgery reports such laudable results.

Pilonidal disease (pilonidal cysts) is common in young people, especially those who sustain trauma to their backsides.  During World War II, pilonidal cysts/pilonidal disease was called Jeep Disease as young adults riding in Jeep’s with poor suspensions repeatedly traumatized their natal clefts (backsides) and developed pilonidal disease.  Surgical intervention during WWII was so damaging that it was eventually outlawed by the military and pilonidal/pilonidal cyst disease became the number one reason for medical discharge from the military during this period.  It’s incomprehensible that many surgeons are still recommending and performing the same barbaric wide-excisional procedures today with as high as a 50% recurrence rate.  Even if these operations eventually heal, they do so only after many months of disability and wound care.

So, just like Jeep trauma, other trauma can lead to pilonidal disease: riding motorcycles, riding horses…. Does your tailbone hurt and get swollen?  You may have a pilonidal problem.

Unlike wide excisional procedures mentioned above, the cleft lift procedure is an elegant flap procedure from which patients recover rapidly, the aftercare is simple, there is no wound packing, and most patients can return to sports in a little over a week or two.  Most importantly, the recurrence is exceedingly low (less than 1%).

You may not need to travel all the way to San Francisco to consult with Dr. Sternberg about your pilonidal disease.  He is exploring the opportunity to perform the cleft procedure in Jackson, Wyoming.  This could happen as soon as early 2018 if the demand is significant.  Please visit the traveling for surgery page to learn how to inquire about the cleft lift procedure and to learn what information you will need to send in.

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