Preparing for Your Colonoscopy


If you are reading this, you have made the proper decision to undergo a colonoscopy. There are several important things you should know about your bowel preparation.

Bowel Preparation Instructions

Video explaining bowel preparation The first 3 minutes are all you need in order to complete the preparation.  You are welcome to watch the entire 5+ minute video if you care to.

Satirical article about colonoscopy (I highly recommend that you read this)


What to expect around your colonoscopy:

  • You will need to cleanse your colon before the procedure – click here to read the instructions
  • You will be sedated by a skilled, experienced anesthesiologist for the 20-minute procedure
  • The sedation wears off quickly and I will speak with you shortly after the procedure
  • You should not drive or return to work on the day of the procedure. You should be able to resume work and all of your usual activities the day following the procedure.
  • It’s best to eat a light, easily digestible first meal after your colonoscopy such as broth and rice. Later that day you should be able to resume your usual eating regime.
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