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Does your hospital have a double board certified General and Colon and Rectal Surgeon?

Board certification and high practice volume: Both are important factors to consider when choosing a surgeon. I am certified by two surgical boards: the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery and have passed four qualifying examinations and two recertification examinations. Studies have shown that multiple certifications lead to better outcomes. A board-certified colon and rectal surgeon has completed at least five years of general surgical training (I have completed eight years) and an additional year of training in a colon and rectal surgery fellowship.  Passage of the written and oral examinations given by both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery is required. General and Colon and Rectal Surgeons are committed to the highest standards of care for patients.

Specialty Care: Well-trained general and colon and rectal surgeons have lower complication rates and overall better outcomes than non-fellowship trained surgeons.

San Francisco

“If you can travel to San Francisco to dine at a fine restaurant or see a show, you can certainly travel to San Francisco to improve your life!”   Anonymous grateful patient

I most commonly operate at the Presidio Surgery Center where I have a great team of nurses and anesthesiologists. You couldn’t get better care anywhere else.


Why me?

  • I have practiced as a busy general and colon and rectal surgeon at California Pacific Medical Center for nearly 20 years. During this time I have had the privilege of training numerous UCSF surgical residents and medical students. My time at CPMC has enabled me to care for innumerable patients with a wide range of general surgical and colorectal problems, and I have developed a tremendous breadth of experience.
  • I am considered an international expert in the treatment of Pilonidal disease, a chronic infection of the skin and underlying tissue near the tailbone that typically affects teens and young adults (20s/30s). The disease can be very debilitating in its most severe form. I offer state-of-the-art surgical treatment for pilonidal disease, using the innovative cleft-lift procedure, performed in an outpatient setting. This procedure finishes with a closed incision (not left open), is essentially 100% effective and notably superior to traditional flap procedures that often cause severe disfigurement and scarring. For less severe pilonidal disease, I counsel patients on less invasive options.
  • I believe in the conservative treatment of most disorders and will only recommend surgery if it’s the most appropriate treatment option. The decision to have surgery is always a discussion and often there are non-surgical options.


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