Why it may be important to travel for your pilonidal surgery

Why it may be important to travel for your pilonidal surgery

Most people plan to have their medical care locally.  Sometimes, however, seemingly simple problems require the care of a specialist and that specialist may not be close by.  And, for some medical conditions, only a handful of national specialists exist. Such is the case with pilonidal disease (often called a pilonidal cyst).

If you’re suffering from pilonidal disease/pilonidal cyst disease and are considering surgery, you should choose your surgeon very carefully.  Find someone who is experienced in performing the Cleft Lift Procedure, which is, arguably, the best procedure curing pilonidal cysts/pilonidal disease requiring surgery. Dr. Sternberg has assisted patients across the country, from Wyoming to New York

You may have undergone surgery for your pilonidal disease (often incorrectly termed a cyst), and maybe it didn’t go so well and you developed a recurrence.  Maybe the surgery seemed to go OK, but you redeveloped a pilonidal issue months or years later. Or maybe, you’ve never had surgery for your pilonidal problem before but you’ve done some research and found out that standard pilonidal surgery and surgery performed by surgeons who perform occasional pilonidal operations often doesn’t cure the disease.  

If you’ve found this blog, then you’re doing your due diligence.  You shouldn’t be one of the many who suffer through one or several failed pilonidal operations, potential multiple visits to wound clinics, time off from school or work, time off from exercise, and imposed immobility.  Please look into the Cleft Lift Procedure.   This outpatient operation cures most, even the most complex of pilonidal problems.  The solution to your problem may be a drive or plane ride away, and it’s totally worth traveling for.

Jeffrey A. Sternberg, MD, FACS, FASCRS Pilonidal Surgery, Board-Certified Colorectal and General Surgeon located in Civic Center, Hayes Valley, San Francisco, CA

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