Hey- I thought that was a saddle sore!

Hey – I thought that was a saddle sore, or a sore tailbone, but my doctor told me it’s a pilonidal cyst.  What do I do now??? Help!

My family and I recently attended the Jackson Wyoming Rodeo.  What a hoot! My 4 yo boy and 7 yo girl (in a skirt) rode the mechanical bull and stayed on.  Pretty cool for city slicker kids. But after their adventures, they both commented that their tail bones hurt.  “Daddy, do I have a pilonidal cyst?” – my kids are smart and they know what I do as a surgeon.

Pilonidal abscesses and sinuses (often incorrectly call “pilonidal cysts”) are common in teenagers and young adults.  Pilonidal cysts seem to be more common in those individuals who sustain trauma to their bottom/buttock. So, cowboys, cowgirls, snowboarders, skateboarders – if your butt is sore please have it checked out.  As a matter of fact, during World War II, pilonidal disease was called “jeep disease”, since so many young men riding in jeeps developed the problem.

Dr. Sternberg treats patients from all over the country and Canada for pilonidal disease.  40% of his patients travel to be treated by him and 40% of his patients have had unsuccessful pilonidal surgery by other surgeons.  He has a less than 1% recurrence rate and has operated on over 1500 patients for pilonidal disease. He is considering opening a clinic in Jackson Wyoming.  

If you want the very best care for your pilonidal problem, contact The Sternberg Clinic at 415-821-8000 or email them at info@thesternbergclinic.com.  Please read the Traveling for Surgery page of the website and email in the information that is requested.

Best of luck!

Jeffrey A. Sternberg, MD, FACS, FASCRS Pilonidal Surgery, Board-Certified Colorectal and General Surgeon located in Civic Center, Hayes Valley, San Francisco, CA

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