Looking for Pilonidal Surgery/Pilonidal Cyst Surgery on the East Coast

Maybe you have already had an operation for your pilonidal disease/cyst and it didn’t quite work out as well as anticipated, so you’re searching for a solution.  Maybe you have a pilonidal abscess or sinus (often termed a cyst) and you’ve never had an operation, and you want to be cured and only have one operation. Well you’ve landed on the right blog.  The Cleft Lift Procedure is the way to go. Please read the web site.

If you live in New York City, New York State, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, or Maryland and are looking for a surgical solution for your pilonidal cyst problem then consider having a cleft lift procedure.  The Sternberg Clinic is considering expanding to New York City. So, East Coat pilonidal suffers may no longer need to travel to San Francisco to consult with Dr. Sternberg. We have patients who have traveled from Canada for this procedure! We're happy to accommodate travel schedules to make this process as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

Dr. Sternberg has been performing the cleft lift procedure since 2001 and has performed over 1500 to date.  In the last 800 cases, he has had only 5 patients require repeat operations because of recurrence. Those 5 patients have undergone repeat cleft lift procedures and are cured.  So, the operation is essentially 100% curative of pilonidal/pilonidal cyst disease.

New York City is a short trip from other East Coast states so considering scheduling an appointment if you live on the East Coast.  Dr. Sternberg is always happy to care for you in San Francisco if you care to make the trip there. And if you are considering traveling to San Francisco for your care, please follow the instructions on the traveling for surgery page of the pilonidalsurgery.com website.

Jeffrey A. Sternberg, MD, FACS, FASCRS Pilonidal Surgery, Board-Certified Colorectal and General Surgeon located in Civic Center, Hayes Valley, San Francisco, CA

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