Pilonidal Cyst

While many doctors and patients commonly call the condition a ‘pilonidal cyst’, the term is a misnomer and indicates a misunderstanding of the disease.

In order for the term ‘pilonidal cyst’ to be correct, there must be an infected glandular cyst present. However, cysts are not present in pilonidal disease and there is no such thing as a ‘pilonidal cyst’.

Pilonidal disease is an acquired disease, not a congenital problem.

Those who properly understand pilonidal disease realize that it is really an abscess of the skin and subcutaneous tissue (the tissue under the skin) of the natal cleft.

Webmd, the Mayo Clinic, and Wikipedia all incorrectly use the term ‘pilonidal cyst’ rather than ‘pilonidal disease

Pilonidal Surgery

This website should help you with this important decision: what is the best surgical option for...

1) primary disease with multiple,
2) primary disease with large pits,
3) persistent or recurrent disease,
4) an unhealed wound after one or several pilonidal surgeries

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