Pilonidal Disease

Pilonidal disease (pie-low-NIE-dul), a chronic infection of the skin and underlying tissue near the tailbone, is a common disorder.  It typically affects people in their teens, 20’s, and 30’s and often disappears by the age of forty.  In its most severe form, pilonidal disease can be very debilitating, causing daily discomfort and limiting activity.  Most operations reported to cure the disease are not reliable.  Many sufferers of pilonidal disease become discouraged in their search for curative treatments as many surgeons and medical practitioners continue to misadvise patients to consider disfiguring procedures with high recurrence rates.

This website provides basic information about pilonidal disease and its treatment. The most reliable and successful surgical treatment to date, the ‘cleft-lift procedure’, is discussed in detail.

How this website can help:

You are likely viewing this website because you or someone you care about has pilonidal disease.  Perhaps, you have already had surgery for a pilonidal abscess (often incorrectly referred to as a cyst), and the procedure didn’t turn out quite as well as you or your surgeon had anticipated.  Maybe you’ve been told that you need surgery for a chronic pilonidal abscess/sinus or a recurrence after surgery and you want to educate yourself about the best options.  This website should help you with this difficult decision: what the best surgical option is for 1) a chronic/recurrent pilonidal abscess/sinus, or 2) an unhealed wound or recurrent pilonidal disease after one or several pilonidal surgeries.

While this site provides a complete overview, it is not intended to be comprehensive.  Excellent additional information including testimonials about specific procedures and chat rooms can be found at www.pilonidal.org.

Pilonidal Surgery

This website should help you with this important decision: what is the best surgical option for...

1) primary disease with multiple,
2) primary disease with large pits,
3) persistent or recurrent disease,
4) an unhealed wound after one or several pilonidal surgeries

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